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 مساعدة الافراد والجماعات في اي عمر وفي اي مرحلة لاتخاذ قرارات مهنية  مبنية على معلومات .................. نحن نسعى لتوفير معلومات عن جميع  داعمي و مقدمي خدمات التوجيه والارشاد المهني المختلفة في جمهورية مصر  العربية .... وهناك المزيد 

 Help individuals and groups at any age to take informed career decisions  .... We aim at providing information about all the supporters and  providers of Career Guidance and Counseling services, .... and much more  

 This website is an initiative by I-FACE                                          هذا الموقع هو مبادرة من الشركة الدولية لتعزيز التنمية المهنية 

  Based on an invitation from Mr. Emad Helmy, the expert of career  guidance                                                  بناء على دعوة  أ. عماد حلمي  خبير التوجيه المهني  


Aiming at building a Network of those who support and provide career guidance services in Egypt                            ساعيين الى بناء شبكة كبيرة من داعمي ومقدمي خدمات التوجيه والارشاد المهني في جمهورية مصر العربية 

 it is all about humans and the different options they should have.

 it is all about humans and the different options they should have.


writing business E-mails in English

Additional Information


Do you have problems because of the e-mails of your staff?

Is their English not good enough?

Do you want their business emails  to be more professional?

Is your the working environment negatively affected because of some emails? !

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Do you know that writing business emails is important for your career?

Do you know that writing business emails is important for your company?

Do you know that your emails can open or block doors?!

In Cairo, on 26-28 Feb. 2019



English for the Job, LLC, knows that in today's world, having English skills is a necessary factor for business production and growth.

English for the Job is expanding to bring success stories directly to your business. Through assessing your company's needs, to developing a curriculum based on those needs, delivering instruction.  



Situated on the banks of the River Nile, our landmark hotel is located right in the heart of downtown Cairo just minutes from the city’s most famous museums and attractions.

it has 817 Guest Rooms & Suites; Private Balconies; Over 1,021 Sq. M. of Function Space; 614 Sq. M. Ramses Ballroom; Events Up to 840 Guests; 24‐Hour Business Center.

3 minutes away from the Egyptian museum; 10 minutes to Cairo Tower and Cairo Opera house. 

Why should I Invest in this WS?



Communication is the key to any successful relationship. At work, written communication is vital to a healthy working environment. It can make all the difference in having a positive, successful team.

In today’s world, well-written English in the business world is not optional. It is a must. The thing that separates successful businesses apart from others often is simply having better communication skills in English. Is this something that you and your team could benefit from?

Come discover some of the secret tips in writing business e-mails. From the basics of writing an introduction, body, and conclusion, to the more tricky details such as understanding cultural nuances, this workshop will set you and your team up for success.

The Learning Strategy



The methods used in the training are hands-on. You will practice writing emails, and analyses them with fellow course members 

Who should join?



Basically anyone who writes emails in English at work!

If you have Intermediate (or above) level of English language,

need more confidence in your writing, and want to invest and protect your career, this workshop is for you

The Trainer



Owner of English for the Job, LLC. Oversees curriculum development and a variety of English language training for businesses; She is an English Language Instructor and Curriculum Developer for Embassy Post Language Programs. Maryanna is providing her services to many Arab target groups, and work in the diplomatic environment, that help her to utilize these experiences and transfer them to successful training programs. 

Don't hesitate! Come along with us.


You will Practice

How to write right;

How to use the vocab. for opening and recap

The power of correct grammar;

The different modes of using words.

The appropriate words for different moods;

The magic of logic; 

How to engineer your phrases to be clear;

Etiquette of emails.

Working hours

We start daily from 10.00 am till 4.00 pm 


- Training materials and a certificate of participation are included.   

- Light breakfast, running coffee and tea and lunch are included.

- Parking is available in a large Parking just  50 meters far from the Hotel, cost is not included.

- Accommodation is not included


- Your investment is as low as  360 USD including the training materials and the catering as mentioned above (please see Logistics) 

- Early birds (until  20 of Jan 2019) get 5% discounts

- the Four and more policy applies, Groups  of 4 and more get 5% discount on each participants

- The good news is, you can compile both offers!!


- For Quality purposes, seats are limited  

How to pay

You can use any convenient method for you based in the following options:

  - cash payment at our venue in Downtown (Cairo) 

  - a bank transfer

  - by checks

It is simple, just drop us an e-mail and we will send back all the details. 



Earn money with us

You can make money as well...

It is easy and transparent :

- Either you are enrolled in the course or not

- Just contact us via email 

- You get promo codes 

- Each transaction* comes with one of the promo codes you have, you earn 325.00 EGP ( 15 EUR ) ( 18 USD)  per participant

      *this apply for any type of enrollments mentioned above (solo - early bird - 4&more and the compo)

Join Now!

It is easy, just submit your application below.

Payment should be determined in your application

Application without payment will remain in the waiting list until course is full.

Do not forget to save money, by the early bird and "4&more" transactions